Solar Energy for Life

World Light Africa offers solar enERGy solutions

Our self-contained solar power units provide reliable, renewable power to satisfy the needs for entire campuses and communities


Lighting enabling students to study


Solar Power for Rural Homes


Solar Power to increase prodctivity


Solar Power for multiple buildings


In 2014, an Engineer and a Missionary sat at a dinner table in Nairobi, Kenya and something came up in their conversation, the Engineer asked, “Is it possible to set up a business as mission company in the solar energy sector and use it to advance the kingdom of God in people’s lives?” The Missionary said, “Yes, it is possible.” And in that moment, World Light Africa (WLA) was born.

About us

Our Amazing Team

We are a team that cares for each other and our clients. We work hard to meet our client’s need and strive for excellence.

Where we work

We are in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, and Sierra Leone

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Organizations partner with us to complete their solar power projects. Contact us for more information about how we can provide solutions for your specific needs.