Our purpose is to advance God’s kingdom through business.

Mission Statement

To offer impactful, sustainable and scalable solar energy solution

Vision Statement

Solar Energy for Better Life

Core Values

  • We care for our clients.
  • We work hard to meet our clients’ need.
  • We strive for excellence.
  • We care for each other and work as a team.

Our Story

In 2014, an Engineer and a Missionary sat at a dinner table in Nairobi, Kenya and something came up in their conversation, the Engineer asked, “Is it possible to set up a business as mission company in the solar energy sector and use it to advance the kingdom of God in people’s lives?” The Missionary said, “Yes, it is possible.” And in that moment, World Light Africa (WLA) was born.

The Engineer was Jeff Lenberg and the Missionary was Michael Mutinda.

Jeff went back to the US and roped in two of his closest friends, Dan Neal and Ron Rammage. Michael got Klaus, an electrical technician, fabricator and plumber to be mentored by Jeff because the main idea was to empower Africans using their locally available resources.

WLA was registered as a company in Kenya on 25th, July 2014 and we built two prototypes to test the solar market in the rural areas. The first one was put up at the Eastern part of Kenya and the other at the Coast. The two were to offer mobile phone charging services at a fee in areas that were not connected to the grid. This was because, the locals there had to walk for two hours to the nearest town center that was connected to the grid to charge their phones and two hours back.

Since then, WLA has installed solar systems in homes and schools. Empowered many to appreciate solar energy through the use of solar lanterns as opposed to kerosene lamps, harvest and preserve rainwater. Our goal is to be kingdom impactful, sustainable and scalable in people’s lives in Africa by being good stewards of the resources God has given us.