Jeffrey Lenberg

CTO, Co-Founder

Jeff Lenberg graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelors degree (1978) and Masters degree (1980) in Electrical Engineering. While in college he gained two years experience at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards AFB, CA working on the development of flight simulators.

In 1980 Jeff joined Sandia National Laboratories. He retired in December, 2011 after thirty-one plus years at the labs. He spent several years as a first level supervisor and finished his career as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff.

The first twelve years at Sandia, Jeff developed satellite systems involving flight hardware, test software, test systems, project management, and supervisor roles.

For two and a half years, he led the development of secure national and international networks for export control while on assignment at DOE headquarters in Washington DC. After returning from Washington and for the rest of his career, Jeff performed national vulnerability assessments and led the development of national security related projects. These projects required systems analysis, hardware (including low power microsystems) and software design, team development, project management, and program development. These projects varied from a one person, $100K project to a one hundred person, $20M project.

During his last year at Sandia, Jeff initiated and performed a study which examined national and international energy issues from a national security perspective. Partially as a result of this study and its conclusions, he retired early from Sandia to do what he can to enable economical energy solutions to enhance United States and world security.

Since early 2012, Jeff has been designing & developing on-grid and off-grid, residential solar systems in New Mexico. He has continued to study the bigger energy picture.

In 2014, Jeff (along with 2 other Americans and a group of Kenyans) spent 3 months in Kenya starting up a for-profit energy company called World Light Africa (WLA) that is seeking to enhance peoples lives by bringing, jobs, solar energy & reliable water to villages. WLA has installed several solar systems, has several Kenyan employees, has developed partners in Kampala/Uganda, and is developing business models that are impactful, sustainable, and scalable for Africans.